JV For Charity

CCA’s “JV For Charity” program has a big goal …

CCA “JV For Charity” Goal:

Establish the #1 Sponsor Backed Charity Network in the World that Raises Money for Worthy Causes

We want to make it simple to set up “Win-Win” Donation revenue programs that charities can count on … and make them almost automatic to run.  The only way we can do that is … Make our programs attractive to Sponsor Companies.

We know that it is harder than ever for Not-For-Profit organizations to raise money.  It would be really nice if more people could afford to simply donate a ton of money to any worthy cause that deserves it.

Unfortunately that won’t ever happen.  That’s why we got creative.  Our “JV For Charity” program makes it easy to attract companies and new supporters as sponsors and referral agents. Almost everyone needs to make additional money these days.

“JV For Charity” has almost magnetic appeal for anyone who wants to do the right thing and make a little extra themselves. This carefully planned compelling strategy helps us raise money almost “automatically” for charities and legitimate Not-For Profits.

When you “Do Well” AND “Do Good” Everyone Wins!

It’s all about who you know when it comes to creating revenue opportunities for any organization. The CCA JV Charity Network makes it easy to open those doors.

The CCA Program …

Our core JV program is designed to attract great products and services that most people want or even need.  The key that makes this program work well is CCA makes it almost an automatic extra income source for cause-based organizations.  CCA researches, finds and structures deals with companies who are willing to offer great value to consumers who buy through our CCA cause-based Alliance.

CCA offers companies easy access to a rapidly growing consumer membership who want to help charity while buying things they want.  The growing buying power of our Alliance helps us get great deals … and CCA offers charities generous donations from the money that otherwise would go to stores and distribution markup expenses.

Our marketing focus and strategy will help virally spread the word to all interested groups.