About CCA

Why Community Charity Alliance?

Worthy Causes NEED money!  Community Charity Alliance’s only mission is to make it easier for charities to raise money. Most Non-Profits don’t have the staff or the expertise to regularly research and find and manage legitimate marketing initiatives.

CCA is a “cause-based” marketing organization established by Concept-Plus Inc. that specializes in helping charities and not-for-profit organizations add donation-based revenue programs to their fund raising efforts.

Concept-Plus Inc has been delivering consulting, project management and marketing services for well over a decade.  Recently we decided to change our focus and bring “Cause”Based” Marketing mainstream.

Business has changed dramatically now that people rely on the internet.  As marketing has gone digital we saw a way to change our business model AND help worthy charities at the same time.  We have  established Community Charity Alliance to make it easy for companies to give a percentage of revenues to charities while doing business.

This means that a portion of every dollar our clients pay us goes through Community Charity Alliance to deserving charities and community organizations.  We’d like to invite you to help us help you … while we make a difference in your community.


Help Charity

Our Mission

CCA is focused on helping people and communities in need. The key to achieving our goal is focusing on a ‘Grass Roots’ approach. Our team is dedicated to building great relationships working with existing organizations to provide the funding and support they need to deliver hope and relief to the people they serve.

Not-For-Profit Funding

Funding worthy causes is Priority #1. We understand that virtually all charitable and humanitarian organizations struggle to get all the money they need to meet the challenges facing the communities they serve.

CCA uses a multi-tier approach to raise funds. First, we are constantly working to build relationships with wealthy people or groups to help gift large grants or endowments to worthy causes.

Second we also focus on attracting Corporate sponsorships and Company Cause-Based marketing campaigns that help both the company and local communities or charitable events they sponsor.

Finally, we also work hard to find regular, everyday people who come to understand that by donating money locally, they can make an amazing difference where they live. The reward is safer, more stable communities.

What Makes CCA Unique?

CCA is obsessed with reducing financial waste. There are too many charities that don’t deliver enough services for the funding they raise. We work tirelessly to find nonprofits with high integrity and the sincere desire to streamline their operational efficiency. We not only help with funding, but focus on Leadership and Staff Training to build outstanding organizations.

Our Vision

We are passionate about making a real difference. Our team is dedicated to providing an easier way to provide funding and support for ethical, generous not-for-profit organizations. To us, it is all about creating superstar, Leadership based organizations that do whatever it takes to over-deliver to the communities they serve.

Our Story

How We Got Started

The people behind CCA …

Community Charity Alliance FoundersRoger & Bev Nevard
 have been entrepreneurs and “newlyweds” far longer than the first days of the “desktop” computer or internet revolution.  In fact some say their forty-plus years of developing Value-Based Relationships started just after the Stone Age.

Ideas and innovation have always been key ingredients for their business success.  Early on, they developed consulting strategies that work especially well for small businesses.  This transitioned into a more “Project-Management” oriented business as the internet went main-stream in the late 1990’s.  Roger has been a dedicated student of internet marketing and outsourcing non-core services as the new “Digital Age” evolved over the past decade.

Marketing strategies and social marketing tactics that actually work for Not-For Profit organizations and build their supporter bases are our primary focus. Both offline and online companies need new and better channels to market their products and services at lower cost.  CCA has streamlined a more effective “Win-Win” marketing model that helps charities, companies and consumers.

Our marketing strategies and resources help produce excellent results for merchants and other small to medium business clients that want to add a Cause-Based Marketing program to their arsenal.


Where We Are Now

We are in expansion mode. CCA has located a number of new funding sources to create the start of a nationwide network of CCA Centers around the country. This will take a while, but we want to offer better regional support and funding for more charitable and humanitarian organizations.

Become a Volunteer Today

We always need help … and there is never enough money to do everything that needs to be done. We love student interns,  seniors who love to share their life experiences … and everyone in between … who have a little extra time to help us achieve our goals to help worthy causes.


Find Out How

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Contact us with ideas, comments, questions … and don’t forget … we always need more donations! Let us know how you want to get involved …