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Every Not-For-Profit Organization struggles to raise money and deliver the vital services their communities desperately need. That’s why CCA (Community Charity Alliance) was started. Our only goal is to remove the challenging, stressful funding ‘agony’ that all charities face. We have developed an efficient network of humanitarian and philanthropic funding sources to fund worthy causes. We also offer a wide range of training and operational resources to make it easy for you to focus on your mission.

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Volunteer Program

We are always looking for volunteers with great attitude! We are setting up CCA Centers in many locations around the U.S. and will let you know if we need volunteer help near where you live.

Sponsor Program

Cause-based business is a ‘Win-Win’ for everyone. We always need sponsors … and  the media attention from showing that you and your company care about your community should attract more customers and help increase profits.

Charity Fund

CCA has established a local community oriented fund to help small and medium sized not-for-profit organizations. Our goal is to raise and distribute up to $1 Billion each year. We already have major funding commitments to get started.

Why CCA?

There is simply way too much red tape and time wasting for most Not-For-Profit Executive Directors seeking grants or other major funding for their projects. Community Charity Alliance was established to focus on getting timely results for charities and humanitarian organizations.

What We Do

CCA focuses on the things that can made small and midsize charities more efficient. Most nonprofits are understaffed and the staff they do have are not well trained. There is no question that virtually all who work for charities are passionate about what they do … but that does not guarantee optimal results.

CCA’s team specializes in funding, training and resources that can immediately leverage each organization’s strengths and support and improve their weaknesses. Bottom line, the goal is to deliver more services to more people who desperately need help.

Our Story

Community Charity Alliance was founded as an organization dedicated to helping support local charitable efforts. The initial mission was to train local companies how to use cause-based marketing campaigns to generate revenues for their local areas worthy causes … while growing their local customer bases. The ‘Alliance’ concept was aimed at being ‘inclusive’, not excluding anyone … as far too many local efforts do.

CCA has evolved into a Not-For-Profit Resource organization … because far too many charitable organizations need help simply surviving in order to deliver their much needed services. Funding is  always our number one consideration, but leadership training and other resources dramatically improve client charity efficiency and increased ‘reach’ and results.

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We always need help … and there is never enough money to do everything that needs to be done. We love student interns,  seniors who love to share their life experiences … and everyone in between … who have a little extra time to help us achieve our goals to help worthy causes.

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Help Us Help Others … Every Dollar Helps

CCA is a streamlined, efficent facilitation team. We do NOT waste money. Our goal is to keep administrative expenses as close to zero as possible. We want 98% of all funds to go directly to the people and causes that need it the most. We do not fund political or ‘Hate’ groups … only real people who need help. Your donations can truly make a real difference.

Helping Children All  Over the World

One of our most important initiatives is helping children in need in the U.S. and around the world. We want to fund efficient organizations that provide food, clothing, education, healthcare, safety … and even arts, music, sports and other creative activities that help kids grow to be healthy productive people.

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