ScoreBig Event Tickets

This great benefit is a “One-Time” benefit.

ScoreBig has great tickets for Sports, Concerts, Theaters and More.  You get $25 off any one tickets purchase over $50.  So if , for example, you buy $60 worth of tickets from ScoreBig … you only pay $35.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You Must use your Personal Member Code to save the extra $25… when you order your tickets

(Remember … this $25 benefit can only be used once! However, you can continue saving money with ScoreBig’s regular savings.)

ScoreBig Highlights:

  • • A better way to buy sports, concert and theater tickets
  • • Pick your price and save 10-60%. Guaranteed
  • • No “convenience” or ticketing fees
  • • Great tickets. Always below retail price
  • • Buy tickets days, weeks or even months in advance

ScoreBig – an Online Ticketing Service That Makes Live Events Affordable Again

40% of live event tickets go unsold each year. ScoreBig works directly with the box office and other ticket providers to sell these tickets. Every ticket on is guaranteed to be between 10% and 60% below retail price, authentic and delivered to you in advance of the event.

You make an offer in the seating area of your choice, from the front row to the rafters. ScoreBig will tell you instantly if your offer is accepted, and you can see what other customers have saved on similar tickets to guide your offer.

Tickets on can be purchased days, weeks or even months in advance. There are no fees or shipping charges. And you are guaranteed to pay less than the retail price of the tickets. How much you save is up to you.