Fund Raising for Non Profits

The right “Done-For-You” Fund Raising programs can attract new money resources and supporters for your organization.

It’s incredibly time consuming to run your own innovative fund raising programs properly.  You and your staff may have perfected your time-tested traditional “Contact Our Supporters Donation Survival” ‘Plead-a-thon” annual or ongoing funding donation lifeline.  Asking your supporters for money is always going to be vital to your organizational viability.

The problem is the world’s new economics are changing dramatically.  Costs are going up and Disposable Income is going down.  Every business … both For-Profit and Not-For-Profit … needs MULTIPLE ways to attract supporters and their money.

Our Community Charity Alliance “JV For Charity” strategy makes it far easier for organizations to develop and sustain a primary or secondary funding program run by a third party expert cause-based marketing specialist like CCA.

Typical successful companies are always developing, testing and adding new Marketing Channels to promote their brands. Their major advantage is a laser focused PROFIT model.  This means people get well compensated to properly leverage Investment Capital, Marketing teams and large promotional budgets to generate sales and profits for investors or company owners.

Unfortunately, most of the leaders in the non-profit world are not nearly so focused on the right way to generate money. Their hearts and their minds are dedicated to making a difference … Not on making money.  Money in the NFP world is a “necessary evil” to keep programs going and the organization alive.

The key people in most Not-For-Profit organizations are “wired” differently.  They willingly sacrifice money by leaving high paying corporate jobs to passionately make a difference for their causes.  This cause-based focus often leaves that nasty money raising stuff to unskilled marketers and other volunteers who also really want to focus all their time on making a difference.

The harsh reality is most cause-based organizations don’t have the time, expertise, passion, financial resources or the staff to create multiple types of marketing-based fund raising strategies that work.  That is why many organizations find themselves scrambling to desperately raise money at “the eleventh hour” to pay their overhead and keep the doors open. The survival-driven fund raising model is way too stressful and hard to sustain long term.  It clearly is NOT the best way to run an efficient organization.

CCA has established a variety of programs that will help any not-for-profit organization increase the number of donation based funding programs … and add new creative net income streams for their causes.  Best of all these programs are simple to integrate into small to large organizations with a minimum of fuss.  Finally, all CCA program driven income is donation income and will not require any kind of “Unrelated” income accounting.

Please contact us to learn more about our programs.