CCA Benefits Card

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Join Our CCA “Helping Hands” Membership Program … You Win “Big” AND We all Help Local Charities!

  • Save Hundreds each year with your CCA Membership
  • Real Savings … Not Hype!
  • Start at real “Low Cost” prices … And then save even more!
  • CCA makes it easy for you to do the right thing … You save real money on things you need or want AND charities get money from EVERY Membership Dollar.
  • Iron Clad Guarantee:  You Must save more than your membership fee or we refund the difference!

It really feels great to help a worthy cause raise money. It feels even better when you know your money is actually helping real people. But how can you easily make a difference that actually matters … when you don’t have “big bucks” to donate to others?

The real question is how do you balance your family’s need to pay its bills (and save money) … while you help fund these great charitable causes?

Your CCA Membership is designed to Save You Money on things you need or want!

The Community Charity Alliance membership is all about helping people … that includes helping you save money.  The unique foundation of our Benefits & Savings Card is that everything you buy at a discount through your membership allows CCA to donate money to deserving charities and causes.

Better yet your annual membership benefits are NOT limited to the initial programs you get when you sign up.  We will constantly be searching for other valuable savings opportunities for you throughout the year.  Our key goal is delivering incredible value to you so you help us spread the word and help us attract new members.

The more members we have actively saving money for themselves … the more money we will be able to donate.  The CCA Helping-Hands Benefits Card truly is a “Win-Win” solution for all of us.

Here’s a brief summary about why the CCA program works so well.

We have found Suppliers and JV partners who give us extra discounts … because they don’t have to pay the extra commissions and marketing costs they normally pay to retail their products and services.

We share those savings with you so that you are always paying less than retail.  The remainder of the savings we collect and will donate to worthy charities and not-for-profit organizations.

You may wonder:  “Why Should I Care?”

The new Fund Raising Crisis is already a serious problem for small to mid-size charitable organizations.  And it’s only going to get worse.

This fund raising problem can cripple vital, irreplaceable not-for-profit organizations. A huge and growing number of charitable programs need a “never-ending” flow of money to fund their programs.  The old way of fund raising does NOT work well enough anymore.

The “old way” relied on heavy government funding and affluent people opening their wallets to donate funds.  This way of raising money may still work to a lesser extent in the future, but it won’t do the job any more.

Governments (both national and local) are financially strapped or almost bankrupt and social funding programs are being cut to the bone.  People that often support charities are struggling to make ends meet themselves.

There has got to be a better way for all of us to make ends meet … AND help those less fortunate.  

Today, almost every country in the world is faced with serious economic challenges. The vast majority of people everywhere have no extra disposable income … or far less disposable income to donate to charity.

It’s easy to “look the other way” or “bury your head in the sand” and ignore this growing problem.  But the reality is … Your quality of life AND your safety may be more threatened than ever if these programs cut back or close down.

Imagine more street gangs, more homeless people, more starving children, fewer daycare and training facilities for disadvantaged families … and so on.  This kind of new reality will lead to far more violence, theft, looting and a laundry list of other serious consequences none of us wants to see.