Would you like to become a Referral Agent for Community Charity Alliance?

We are always searching for the best way to share our vision and make more money for worthy causes around the world.  You can be an important part of our “JV For Charity” Super Viral campaign.

Help us take the Community Charity Alliance program VIRAL.  Our goal is to find a team of dedicated independent agents who want to make money while they help worthy charities add powerful fund raising programs.

The cornerstone of CCA (Community Charity Alliance) is helping Not-For-Profit organizations create reliable ongoing sources of revenue.  Our unique program is structured to make it simple for organizations to add a variety of income streams with almost no work from their staffs.

Our unique program is designed as an On-going almost “automatic” fund-raising system.  The great news for charities is the bigger and better known CCA gets, the easier it will be to attract better business sponsors and products.

This is where YOU come in.  It will not cost you a dime to join our JV For Charity Network as a Referral Agent and it’s easy to find worthwhile charities and Not-For-Profit organizations looking to add extra donation revenue for their worthy programs.

Better yet you can choose if you want to earn money as a Cause-Based Marketing consultant and turn this into a long-term business …

Or, if you don’t need extra money, you can simply refer your favorite charities or potential Sponsor-businesses to join our CCA network … and that means the charities will earn a larger donation when they participate in our programs.  It’s your choice.